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Born and brought up in Kolkata, I have been involved with the fitness industry for almost 14 years. Initially, I had developed an interest in bodybuilding (like every new kid in the block), but later I shifted to martial arts.

I have trained myself in martial arts for over 10 years and have secured the Black Belt.

Post being a black belt, I was appointed to train the commandos of Kolkata Police force for a period. Around that time I was also associated with various gyms and health clubs and have also been into personal training with various clients, including some celebrities.

It occurred to me that fitness should not be restricted and hence I tried to launch dynamic theories of training such as Resistance bands, martial arts and training with tubes. To be able to provide training with resistance bands I first acquired the required certificate and thereafter also brought in sport-specific training into my fitness regime. I was fortunate enough to be working with racing car drivers, international swimmers, and golfers.

Yoga was also my forte as I have procured the Yoga instructor certificate from SVYASA along with KAYA YOGI Certificate by Sivananda Mahavidyalaya. I have also worked hard and studied for nights to attain the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) certificate as a personal fitness trainer. ACSM is considered among the premier institute around the globe imparting fitness education.


Certified by ACSM ( U.S.A)

Debjit das is a Certified Personal trainer Certified by American College of Sports Medicine.

Certified by ResistanceBand.com(U.S.A)

Debjit das is a Certified Resistance Band Trainer Certified by ResistanceBand.com(U.S.A).

Certified by ACSM ( U.S.A)

Debjit das is a Certified Leading The Way Certified by American College of Sports Medicine.

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