About Debjit Das: Professional and ACSM certified Pilates and Yoga Trainer in Kolkata

ASHIRBAD Solua kalikanan,Rajarhat-Gopalpur, Kolkata-700136, West Bengal, India.

Phone: +91-9831015717,  Email: bodytune4all@gmail.com / debjit_yoga@yahoo.co.in

Fitness trainer, coach and Motivator


Debjit Das – an ACSM (American college of sports medicine) certified fitness trainer who holds hands-on knowledge on this domain. He also holds dynamic leadership and weight management qualities. He is also well-versed with his exercises and hence provides effective training. Owing to his skills he has also been a part of several health management and health promotion programs.

Fitness proficiencies

o    Strength training                                  o     Aerobic conditioning

o    Functional and Sports specific training        o      Martial Art fitness

o    Resistance Band exercise                           o      Yoga

o    Fitness Monitoring                                       o     Personal motivation

o    Client Consultation                                      o      Teaching and Coaching

o     Training special population

§ Key Achievements

o    worked in a variety of facilities, including corporate wellness centre, upscale private facilities

o    Trained in high-profile clientele including Model, actor, athletes, Celebrities and Business executive.


§ Professional  Responsibilities

·         Planned exercise routines based on each member’s individual goals.

·         Conducting personal appraisals and prescribing suitable fitness program

·         Prescribing and directing injury rehabilitation programs

·         Providing variety in the gym through circuit, calisthenics, aerobics, Martial art fitness, stretch and yoga classes

·         Providing one-on-one training for member seeking individualized training

·         Provide members with information regarding nutrition and diet plans.

·         Taught appropriate breathing techniques

·         Followed up on members progress

·         Conducting educational seminars and health awareness campaigns pertaining to holistic health.


§ Awards

·         Certified Personal trainer-Certified by ACSM ( U.S.A)

·         Certified Resistance Band Trainer –Certified by Resistance Band.com(U.S.A)

·         Certified Personal Trainer –Certified by ESA(Exercise Science Academy) Mumbai

·         1st Degree Black Belt –Certified by Asian Martial Arts Federation( Mumbai)

·         Kaya Yogi –Certificate by   Shivananda Mahavidyalaya

·         Yoga Instructor – certified by (SVYASA) Bangalore


Education & Qualifications

·   Bachelor’s degree in B.com

·   ACSM Certified Personal Trainer– CPR

·   ESA Certified Personal Trainer

·   Yoga Diploma

·      Adult CPR/AED and First Aid certification

·      Black Belt certificate holder in Karate

·      Certified Resistance Band trainer